Autumn in Pernand Vergelesses / by Conor Cunningham

Pernand Vergelesses

A quick trip to Pernand Vergelesses, a quaint village in Burgundy, France was a welcome relief from the food and drink of Norway. A family arrangement was taking place and I had a long weekend to catch up, eat (mostly cheese), drink and be merry.

Fortunately the weather was favourable and the colours of autumn were on display in and around the village, which is surrounded by some of what I believe to be the greatest vineyards in the world. But enough of the wine talk. This is a photo blog.

The village fenced in by the white grapes of the hill of Corton Charlemagne

From a photography point of view, the images could have been a bit sharper and my focal point a bit better selected, mais c'est la vie. J'etais en vacances.

Remember, when taking landscape pictures and wanting large depth of field, use a higher aperture, say f/9. Also, keep in mind that your focal point determines how much of the field in front of the focal point is in focus. There are plenty of focal point calculators online.

Make the most of autumn, whilst you can: winter's coming (unless you're lucky enough to be in the Southern Hemisphere with those lovely stellar views).