Moon at Sunset / by Conor Cunningham

Our lunar friend, rising in the east as I flew from Trondheim to Oslo

A work related errand saw me heading to Trondheim on a day trip a couple of days past, but unlike most work trips, this one afforded me a rather delightful site on my return flight. The weather had been tip top all day in Trondheim; sunny and about -1 Celcius, and as luck would have it, my flight was departing just as the moon rose.

As is at on the tarmac looking east, I could seen the top of the moon summit some of the local mountains. A quick think and I realised that this would make for a nice view as I was flying south and sitting in a window seat on the left of the plane. Quickly however, I realised that the only camera I had was my Samsung S5 mobile phone. Not the greatest of low light shooters, I tried to take a picture of moonie, only to quickly notice, as did my fellow passengers that I had left the flash on. Eejit. a few shots with the steadiest hand I could manage allowed me to get one or two usable shots.

One thing which is apparent in the photo, but isn't done justice by it, is the moon's light on the surface. It was a delightful sunset orange and it moved quickly across the surface, relative to my position on the plane. As you can see, the moon and its shadow are overexposed and there was no manual control on the camera, and hence, no way of saving the details.

I might be up there next week again, but I won't be so lucky to capture the moon during sunset then (bloody Earth, Moon orbital system!).