Treeless / by Conor Cunningham

A Nuthatch on the stumpy trunk of Mr. Pigeon's tree.

The sods next door decided to cut down a tree which stood happily enough outside my kitchen window. There was a pigeon who lived in that tree who is now homeless, poor wee thing. He stuck around for a few days standing no a fence, but he's moved on; hopefully to greener pastures (literally).

There were also plenty of Chaffinches, Green Finches,Nuthatches, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Common House Sparrows who utilise the tree a great deal, but luckily enough they've stayed around, most likely only due to the food which I provide them.

A Blue Tit perched on another short haired tree.

The stump on which the birds are pictured here is Mr. Pigeon's old home. I hope he's happy wherever he's gone.