A Day with a Rockstar / by Conor Cunningham

A friend of mine, like me, has red hair. Unlike me, he's a rockstar. In celebration of red hair and rock starness, I asked Ivar if I could take some pictures. Ivar heads up a band called Cold Mailman and they're well worth seeing. You can check out some previous pics I snapped of them last December.

But back to my session with Ivar. He had just rolled out of bed and I myself wasn't at 100%. First we tried shooting in the local park, using the grass on a hill as a backdrop. After about 30 seconds the flash stand with umbrella and flash attached blew over. That broke one of my cold shoes (thing used to attach the flash to the swivel head). That omen, along with wind and the bountiful amount of dog shit in the park sent us packing and heading to a local coffee shop.

After a nice cup or two at Tim Wendelboe's, we walked back to Ivar's place via Blå (bar in Oslo) and I noticed the street art and thought that could work. I asked Ivar to lose the jacket for a few minutes and we set to work. I shot at f/2.8, ISO 100 at 1/60 with a 70 - 200 @ 102mm.

I must say, I love the bokeh in this shot. Happy with this, we moved on and to Ivar's apartment. The light was nice inside, but I balanced internal light with the outside light by way of one flash and a brolly. I liked the light, but I completely didn't get my eye in. All of my shots we're just not quite right.

So, the above is the only shot I'm really happy with from the day's shooting. Too many locations, too many ideas and too little planning left me in this state.

That'll, as they say, teach me.