Local Birds / by Conor Cunningham

Even though I live in the centre of Norway's largest city, I'm still lucky enough to count a few birds as neighbours. My backyard, if one can call it that, has a few trees and with the help of a little birdseed sees Nuthatches (spettmeis), Great Tits (kjøttmeis) and European Blue Tits (blåmeis) regularly visit our bird feeders. They're a welcome site and hopefully they will thrive during the winter months.

European Blue Tit in a neighbours garden. f/2.8, 200mm, 1/250 and 320 ISO

I do notice however, that once the snow washes away, I see less and less Tits. Once a downpour of snow arrives they come right back. I've no idea where they go, but I'd love to find out. If you know, please let me know.

And on a photographic note; how's the bokeh? That lense rocks!