Morning Landscapes / by Conor Cunningham

Today I arrived at work before daw to take some landscape shots of the sunrise and fjord. Today's effort was a mixed bag of results with some nice light but poor composition. I'm in the process of going over what I have, but so far, this is my favourite.

View from the rocks near my office looking east. Shot just minutes after sunrise, at approximately 06:53

The shot was shot on a 24 - 105mm @24mm, f/8, ISO 100 at 1/50 with no filters. I'd used some filters earlier in the day but wasn't entirely happy with my process. I exposed the image so that the sky and the foreground had enough information to allow a gentle amount of processing to bring out the colours of both the grass and the sun.

I'll follow this post up with some other pictures I got from today's trip.