Headshots / by Conor Cunningham

Luke Buckley, Co-founder and CEO of ConnectMyApps

The founders of local Oslo, but globally focused start-up ConnectMyApps asked me to take some profile pictures for their own professional use. Happy to oblige I turned up and with my usual kit of three strobes, three light stands, rogue flashbenders, two Lumopro 180 and one Canon 430exII (this will be gone soon and replaced with another Lumopro!), 70 - 200 f/2.8 and my trusty camera.

I decided to go for the white background for a clean professional look. I used the two Lumopros pointed at a white wall at 1/8th power with the Rogue flashbenders placed to stop light leaking towards my lense. 

I was lucky enough to have a large room to work in so I could have the subject stand well in front of the wall to avoid any flare. I used a the Canon 430exII and an umbrella to light the subjects.

Nathan Bray, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of ConnectMyApps

Press Release

The lads also wanted a press release photo which came as a bit of a surprise, but half the fun of being a photographer is problem solving. There were some dark chairs which the lads opted to sit in, and we have a large window approximately 3 x 2 metres to use.

I sat the lads in the chairs and tried blew out the background as much as I could given the focal length. One flash off to camera right behind a brolly. 

Final Results

Overall, I'm very happy with the results and, I believe the two lads are, too. I found that by not rushing through things, taking time to review and analyse images and then seeking to improve them offered a workflow that helped sculpt the final product into something with which both my subjects and me were happy. I'm also a believer in getting the white balance right in camera so that during the shoot I can show the subjects the pictures which helps put them at ease.

Final Thoughts on Framing

We all know the eyes are the most critical element in a headshot. Peter Hurley taught my about how important their placement in the picture is with regards to a photo that really gets the viewer's attention. I feel that by placing the eyes about the half way point in the frame one focus falls more naturally towards them. Also, I like using negative space. It gives the sense of room to breathe and allows the viewer's eyes to wander around the whole frame.

More on Connect My Apps

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