Kvitfjell Snapshot / by Conor Cunningham

A week of holidaying has past and looking at my memory card from my camera, I didn't take too many pictures at all. I found it difficult to spot any landscapes that I wanted to shoot, but then again I didn't try very hard. I was lucky enough to catch the moon and mars rise of the previous post, but apart from that, nothing excited me too much.

I did take many snapshots however, and I like this one the best. I like curves in shots; something to lead the eye around the frame. The sun was just behind and to the right of the camera so foreground and the sky were easy to expose.

And again, for landscapes, try to get as much in focus as possible. Wide angle 24mm, f/7.1 and ISO 100 with a shutter speed of 1/800.

Looking east north east from Kvitfjell mountain.