Spring in the forest / by Conor Cunningham

I spend a lot of time in the summer riding through Oslo's forest, but rarely do I walk through them. On a weekend not long gone, the weather was cracking and some unknown force, perhaps dark matter dragged me and a backpack towards the forests of Maridalen, Oslo.

The first thing that struck me was the lack of snow, even in the forest. I walked a couple of hunderd metres higher than where I began, and snow was still largely present, but its days were numbered.

Snow present  in the background. There was a running stream heading to the damn to camera left.

Not being a morning person I had missed the golden morning light, and not having eaten lunch and being rather peckish, I didn't stick around for the sunset. What I managed to capture was the harsh midday sun peering through the forest floor.

I think I overexposed the image somewhat, and in fact I haven't post-processed this image too much. I wanted to be able to capture both the sunlight illuminated undergrowth and bring out the details. The image as it looks now is how I remember it.

Next time I hope to capture a lower level of light to bring out a more 'hidden undergrowth' sort of feel. Does that make sense?

Perhaps this weekend will present an oppurtunity. Fingers crossed!

The dam which greeted me at the top of the hill.