Planets, Galaxies and Stars / by Conor Cunningham

Finally the universe saw fit to grace the Oslo area with clear skies during a moon-free weekend. Amateur astronomers from the Oslo area gathered at a dark(ish) sky site and set about observing the sun, planets, nebulas, galaxies and stars.

I had a plan to photograph/film Jupiter, observe some galaxies and had setup a remote imaging session to capture one of my favourite group of galaxies, the Leo Triplet.

Luck was on my side. I photographed Jupiter with two different exposures to capture its moons and of course, Jupiter itself. With little processing, the below image resulted. I'm absolutely over the moon with result, as planetary imaging can often (and still is, if I'm honest) be awfully tricky.

Jupiter, three of its moons on the same plane (from left to right Callisto, Io and Ganymede) and the star HD 49201.

My other hope was to get some good images of the Leo Triplet. I used 12 x 5 minutes exposures from a telescope in Australia to capture the following. I'm well chuffed. Cracking galaxies!

M66 (bottom left), M65 (bottom right) and NGC 3628, aka the Hamburger galaxy (top). Takahashi sky90, f/4.6, 417mm, 12 x 5 minutes colour.