Holmenkollen World Cup Day 2 / by Conor Cunningham

Back again for the womens 30km classic cross country race. Canon Norway was kind enough to lend me a 400mm f/2.8 II IS and a 5d MkIII for the women's race today. Thank you!

A swedish competitor heads into the Holmenkollen arena.

So, with two cameras and my 70 - 200 f/2.8L II IS now looking very feeble I set off for the start of the race.

The field moments after the starter's gun fired.

It wasn't long before Marit Bjørgen lead the field.

Marit Bjørgen leads the field.

The organisers were exceptionally good to the photographers and had busses ready to take us to Frognersetern. As expected, the crowd was large and generally having a rowdy time by Norwegian standards.

This wee Polish chap was having a grand old time.

By the time the skiers came towards us, it was clear that Marit Bjørgen and Therese Johaug were leading the field by a fair distance. They crossed the intermediate sprint not far apart, then came the chasers.

Therese Johaug makes her way to the intermediate sprint. Bjørgen was 10 seconds in front.

Back in the stadium, it wasn't long before Bjørgen and Johaug made their way towards the stadium for the final lap.

Marit Bjørgen heads into the stadium.

Therese Johaug follows Bjørgen by roughly 60 seconds.

Therese Johaug making on her penultimate trip round the stadium.

Unsurprisingly, when Bjørgen appeared in the stadium for the final time, and as the winner to boot, the Norwegian crowd went next to berserk. To make matters worse, Marit skied into the finish with a Norwegian flag. Many will sleep well tonight, some may even have to use throat lozengers.

The winner. Marit Bjørgen

Marit had enough a lead to take her time before crossing the line. Therese followed some 100 seconds later.

Therese Johaug crossed the finish line in 2nd place.

The victorious Norwegians: Bjørgen and Johaug

Second, First and Third. Johaug, Bjørgen and Kerttu Niskanen

Overall, a cracking day. Didn't get up to the ski jump today. I think hand holding the 400mm made me realise I don't spend a lot of time in the gym. Such a revelation is unsurprising and unlikely to inspire any weightlifting any time soon.