Owl Update / by Conor Cunningham

Mother owl on the lookout for a potential prey victim

I've become quite fascinated by the owls and their new young in Frogerparken of late. As a result, I've been having a look on the way home from work and even taking a few trips around dusk to see them when they become active. 

Last night I had a chance to use a Canon Extender 2x III with my Canon 70 - 200 IS II USM. 

Focus was a lot slower and my aperture dropped to 5.6, but it was a treat to have the extra reach of a 400mm focal length. 

In addition to the camera, I used to Lumopro LP180s remotely. They were placed on the ground and facing into the trees. They were used at 1/8 power so I could fire off multiple shots. 

Things became very difficult the darker it got. Not only was automatic focusing next to impossible, but the owls became very active as they were fed by their parents. 

I was lucky enough to get a couple of good shots. The image below is my favourite from the evening.

One of the youngsters just before dinner.

Not long after these images were taken, mother owl caught a bird and fed it to the three youngsters. Unfortunately for us photographers, they were facing the wrong way and foliage prevented us a good angle. But, luckily for them, their parents are doing a cracking job of keeping them fed and healthy.

Photographer Eyvind Ness (lucky fellow has a Canon 600mm II f/4) was also on hand and you can check out his pictures in his gallery titled April Snaps here: http://eyvindness.zenfolio.com/p419867821