Kråkesølv, Parkteateret, 26.04.2014 / by Conor Cunningham

I was fortunate enough to shoot Norwegian band Kråkesølv last night at Parkteateret in Oslo. I'd heard a few of the songs before after Ivar of Cold Mailman fame introduced them to me. Ivar was kind enough to ask the band if I could shoot their gig, and Kråkesølv were kind enough to invite me along.

The boys knew how to get the most from the crowd and the crowd were happy to oblige. A rarity from both sides at Norwegian gigs. More of it, I say!

From a photographic point of view, this gig was tricky. Really tricky. Not a lot of lighting from the front and a tonne of backlighting which didn't stay the same for more than a few seconds if you were lucky.

Lead man and bassist, Petter Waldemar Nohr Unstad

Red, green and blue lighting was heavily used. Canon cameras can sometimes be a bit funny with red, and often in such cases converting to black and white works, but I think the image above stands up well.

Backlight, lots of backlight but little front light. Still, the boys were active on stage which made shooting fun.

As is usual for me, I shot using manual mode to ensure I shot for the people, not the lights. The range of lighting went from effectively 3200 ISO to 10000 ISO and all of this could happen in seconds. As a result, I stuck at 10000 ISO and dialled in shutter speed like a mad man. My shutter speed varied from around 1/160 second up to 1/5000 at times. I'm surprised I don't have blisters on my fingers. Hopefully I'll refine this process for the next gig.

Singer and guitarist, Fredrik William Olsen

If you've not heard Kråkesølv, I can definitely recommend them. Especially if you're into your indy rock. Understanding the dialect of northern Norwegian town Bodø would also help, but not essential.

Guitarist and vocalist, Kristoffer Magnus Nohr Unstad

The lads were joined on stage by  guest vocalist/guitarist and wife of Kristoffer, Katarina Efstathiou Unstadand. Blue lights made photographing her difficult, but I manged to get an alright picture.

Guest vocalist and guitarist, Katarina Efstathiou Unstad

The other guest vocalist took me by surprise. I was reviewing some images when all of a sudden the crowd gave out a good shout and the fellow below starting rapping (there could be a more accurate term, but I'm just not that hip). Why not? Good craic.

Guest rapper RSP. He appeared to have a jolly good time.

The photographic pit at Parkteatret is tiny. It's probably only two feet between the barrier and the stage and the stage isn't very high. So, in order to shoot their you effectively have to be on your knees otherwise you'd be blocking the view of people behind you, and that's not a good way to make friends.

Saying that however, many concert photos are from the a similar angle, that is, from just below the stage. When I can, I like to get into the crowd and find different angles. By using a 70 - 200 I could shoot from further back and get a perspective more like that of an audience member.

I prefer this sort of picture as it represent the concert as a whole. I hope you enjoy it, too.

From within the audience

The below images are also images which made the cut from the night. Cracking concert. Check them out if you get a chance