Puffins! / by Conor Cunningham

I've been in Ireland for about a week now on a general holiday and family catch-up. Eva and I have made our way into County Clare and into an area which is simply stunning. Today we took a small boat to the Aran Islands, specifically, Innis Oirr.


To say that the trip is spectacular (in good weather) doesn't do it justice. I'll cover more of the photos I took in a later post, but during the tour of the Cliffs of Moher from the boat, I managed to spot and photograph some puffins.

It was fiendishly difficult to spot, nevermind photograph these wee things. The swells were probably up to about 4 metres and the boat was all over the place, leaving very few oppurtunities to let go of the rail and raise the 200mm lense. Add the other birds and the swells catching focus, I find myself lucky enough to have gotten two nice photos.

Mr. and Mrs. Puffin

Should you ever find yourself in County Clare, Ireland, get yourself down to Doolin and onto a boat to see the cliffs. It is, and I can't overstate this enough, utterly spectactular! (and you might see a puffin! Oh, and dolphins, kittiwakes, shags, seals, artic terns, just to name a few).