Frognerpark Birds / by Conor Cunningham

I've been going over my photos for the last few months; deleting bad pictures and duplicates, and occassionally finding a few I meant to publish but forgot all about.

Black Headed Gull

Frognerpark is quite a spot in the spring. The leaves begin to sprout on the branches of the trees and hedges, the grass begins to thrive and the birds make a return and mark their positions with their songs.

Female Sparrow

These images were taken on the 20th April, 2014. Apart from the birds, you can see the buds of spring appearing and some even beginning to sprout. Before I moved to Norway from Australia, I had little appreciation of the seasons, but now they're evident in almost everyday life. I doubt there are many who dislike the arrival of spring (apart from those unlucky enough to suffer from pollen allergies) in this part of the world.

Fieldfare basking in the evening sun.

Now that spring is in full bloom, I'll be out to try and photograph the new arrivals of spring.

A Robin

The plan is to find the ducks, swans and geese of the Frogner area; particurlarly the Queen's park, Frognerpark and the waters of the fjord in the area.

Here's to a fine spring!