The Cliffs of Moher / by Conor Cunningham

The Cliffs of Moher, The Stack and O'Brien's Tower

One of Ireland's more spectactular sights are the Cliffs of Moher. They're found 60 or so kilometres south of Galway and lie in between Ballvaughan and Lehinch. On a good day the views are stunning, and for the brave you can walk all along them, right on the very precipice of a 214 metre drop. They stretch for just over 8km and are truly a sight to behold.

The Stack from the sea.

Something well worth your time is a boat trip around the cliffs. You sail very close to The Stack, pictured above and the cliffs themselves. It felt rather prehistoric, and other than the boat there was nothing man made to be seen from some perspectives. Saying that, if you look very closely at the image above (click to enlarge it) you can make out some people standing at the top of cliffs.

I'd love to have more images to show of the cliffs from the sea, but the truth is the seas were rather rough, and I was hand holding a 70 - 200mm lense in one hand, and hanging for dear like onto the boat itself.

Saying all that, there wasn't a moment of the boat trip around the cliffs that wasn't worth it. If you're going to photograph it, you'll have to chose a smaller lens to get wider shots and be able to use the camera with one hand. If it is birds you're after you'll need something longer and preferably smaller seas.

A Puffin!

Speaking of birds, tens of thousands of birds make these cliffs their home for breeding purposes during the summer months. I desperately wanted to see a puffin, and I wasn't disappointed. Other birds spotted were Arctic Terns, Sandwhich Terns, Razorbills, Shags, Guillemots and Gannets; a sea birdwatchers paradise!

A shot of the top of cliffs with a view down to Lehinch

One of my favourite shots of the trip is the above image. I'm not entirely sure why, but I like the form of the land and curves cliffs and the paths. I used a neutral polarizing filter to get a nice blue sky and clarity amongst the clounds. If it had been a little clearer, Lehinch might have been a little more visible. C'est la vie.

The image looks as if it is not level, but in fact it is. The water and beaches you see in the distance curve around to form a bay, and eventually join up with the cliffs.

So, in summary, should you ever find yourself in County Clare or the surrounds, pop down and see a truly fantastic sight!

Another view of the cliffs, The Stack and O'Briens Tower.