Midsommer in Helsinki / by Conor Cunningham


I'm back in Helsinki after a cracker of a trip to Dragsfjard in Finland. Catching up with old friends and meeting news ones, the Finns certainly know how to put on a celebration. Rowed a boat, went lure fishing, and of course, being in Finaldn, had a sauna/swim; all of which were a first for me.

I was expecting that a fire be lit for midsommer, but I did not expect it to be so grand and well engineered. The above image shows the local lads in their boat on their way to light it up.

Once it got going, I took about 100 images. The aim was to get the highest possible dynamic range to show the fire and the sun kissed sky. The result is the image below.

Midsommer in Finland, Finnish style.

The area in which we were in had quite a few birds, and if you've read this far then you'll not be shocked to know that I'm quite fond of our winged friends. The bird which interested me the most was the Arctic Tern which was just cracking to watch. I'm working on some other images, but I did enjoy this one.

An Arctic Tern looking for lunch

I would have liked to get better pictures, but this was after all, a holiday, a party and a time to catch up with friends, so the camera took a back seat in order to simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

Nice light