Family Quack Quack / by Conor Cunningham

Mother Duck (Mallard) sitting on the nest.

Dronningsparken (The Queen's Park) and Slottsparken (The Castle's Park) sport some lovely grounds and three ponds, all of which are shared by several families and many unpaired Mallards (ducks).

Captain Solo ( Mallard Duckling)

Currently in the park one can find many ducklings new to the world and the parents of these ducklings appear to be doing a grand job of rearing their young.

Mother Mallard and her ducklings; all eight of them.

The weather of late has been fantastic and the evenings have provided wonderful light by which to take photos. My 70-200mm f/2.8 has been getting quite the workout and I just love the bokeh it gives (see the top photo for example)

The photo below was taken at f/8 at a relatively close distance to the subjects (circa 3 metres) and even then, the bokeh is top notch , but then again, not a patch on the f/2.8 at top.

Dad Mallard keeping an extra eye out.