A Tip For Photographing Little Ones / by Conor Cunningham

Hitting the ripe old age of 32 I've found that more and more of my friends have children of their own, and several of them are now running around and causing mayhem all around them.

Given the prevalance of digital cameras and camera phones, there is no shortage of pics of the little ones. However, not all of these pictures are keepers in my opinion.

One a recent trip to Finland with a group of friends, I asked if I could take some snaps of one of the little ones whilst she generally ran amok in the local flora.

Kids tend to be fast and have a mind of their own. Ask them to smile; good luck! Ask them to stay still and they'll run a million miles. Use continual focus and a snappy shutter speed, say 1/250 or 1/400 if you can get away with it.

There best piece of advice I can offer however and it is quite simple is: photograph children at their own eyeline.

I would wager that by doing this, whether they're smiling or not that nine times out of 10 that the picture will have something that a picture taken from the height of an adult will not.

By shooting at their eyeline, the picture, to me anyway, feels more personable and shows the world from the child's perspective. It's also fun to get down so low and perceive the world from down there. It's awfully big from that perspective.

This advice is not to say that you must always shoot from such a perspective, as there are plenty of interesting angles to capture depending on what the little terrors are up to, but in general if you're not shooting from down low then by doing so you can make a little stumble as in below, look a bit more like an action shot.

And a big thanks to the parents of this little one for letting me use the images here. All names redacted for the sakes of our subject's privacy.