Hafjell: Bikes and Berries! / by Conor Cunningham

Sideways from the start

The 2014 World Mountain Biking Champsionships for downhill, cross country and trials start this week. Given that it's happening in my backgarden, so to speak, the week has been taken out of the calendar and it's time to watch the best riders in the world show amateurs like me how it's down.

Not a lot happened today given we're still seven days out from the downhill, but riders were seen having fun nonetheless and studying there lines.

Sam Hill was spending a lot of time in the first forest section, whilst Tracey Hannah was perusing her options in the trickiest forest section.

Tracy Hannan

Showing 2012 Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins, that "descending like a girl" isn't the best choice of words to describe his meagre efforts in the 2013 Giro, the young women below was absolutely belting it out of the start gate before tearing into the first of three forest sections.

Girls can ride bikes, Brad.

Girls can ride bikes, Brad.

Eva had joined me for the weekend which was awfully nice and yesterday was spent trecking in the back country beyond Øyer. We tried for an hour or so to catch trout but were out of luck. I spent approximately four hours fishing today but again, my luck ran dry. Eva on the other hand hit the jackpot with oodles of cranberries to be found and whisked away to await their collective fate in a jam jar in my kitchen.

With any luck, this will be a top notch week of riding, racing and hopefully, some trout!