Eagles, but no Fish / by Conor Cunningham

Rough-Legged Buzzard and a Raven

Trout. That was the plan for dinner. All I had to do was cast my line into the lake and pull up a trout big enough to feed one. I'd even bought a nice bottle of white to go with the catch of the day. Well, it's been four days of trying to catch a trout both in mountain lakes and a river leading into Norway's largest lake.

On the way down the mountain I happened upon some birdwatchers that I met the other day when I saw a Pallid Harrier, which is only the second time one has been recorded in Norway. The two twitchers were on the lookout for the harrier again, but it didn't show. As I drove off, I noticed a large bird being chased (playing?) with another birds. Turns out it is a Rough-Legged Buzzard and what I think is a Raven.

I'd never seen a Rough-Legged Harrier so I considered that a tick in the box, even if the trout still alluded me.


The harrier eventually landed on a tree not too far off, and after battling some sheep for a good place to stand, I managed to get the below picture before it flew off again.

A tree with a view.

So, after four days of no trout, it's mountain biking tomorrow. Maybe a day of that and my luck will change for the better.

And now for something completely different.

They're an odd creature, ikke sant?