Morning Landscapes by Conor Cunningham

Today I arrived at work before daw to take some landscape shots of the sunrise and fjord. Today's effort was a mixed bag of results with some nice light but poor composition. I'm in the process of going over what I have, but so far, this is my favourite.

View from the rocks near my office looking east. Shot just minutes after sunrise, at approximately 06:53

The shot was shot on a 24 - 105mm @24mm, f/8, ISO 100 at 1/50 with no filters. I'd used some filters earlier in the day but wasn't entirely happy with my process. I exposed the image so that the sky and the foreground had enough information to allow a gentle amount of processing to bring out the colours of both the grass and the sun.

I'll follow this post up with some other pictures I got from today's trip.

Spring in February by Conor Cunningham

Fornebu. Image taken with an iPhone 5.

Fornebu. Image taken with an iPhone 5.

It's approximately 10 degrees centrigade, 12:30pm and I'm standing at 59°57' N (Oslo, Norway to be specific) on February 3rd, 2014. It's a goode excuse to leave the office and go for a walk. I am yet to ski this winter due to a wee injury, but I'm still hopeful there will be some good snow after this weekend's sudden warming and torrential downpour. What were cracking skiing conditions are now nothing more than forest full of crushed ice and slurry.

This picture and weather report aren't proof of climate change, but it is possibily another piece of alarming evidence in a growing enormity of scientific reports and evidence that is pointing at the effects of man on our climate. Let's hope it is mother nature just having a few days off this winter and not an indication of what is to come.

For someone sprouting common sense on climate change, check out the Bad Astronomer. Phil spends most of his time talking about the wonders of space, but devouts considerable time to debunking erroneous claims dealing with climate change and the abundance of evidence that accompanies it.